What does an inspection cost?

Answer : Pricing is based upon square footage of the home. Home inspections start at $225. Please call for a quote.


When will I have my inpsection report?

Answer : We verbally go over the report with you at the end of the inspection and highlight what was found. Within 24 hours a PDF copy of the report with pictures will be sent to you by email.

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Should I have a new home inspected?

Answer : Yes, new homes have never been lived in. Nobody has gone through and tested all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems in as much detail as a home inspector would. City inspectors do not check items for function. They verify installation but not if they work.

City inspectors are the “watchdogs” during the building process. They insure that the structure meets the integrity requirements set by the city code department. These guidelines are similar but not identical to the International Residential Code “IRC”. We as construction professionals are supposed to use the IRC as the “gospel” for construction. Some cities adopt the IRC in full and some don’t.

That being said a home inspector should run all plumbing fixtures, test all outlets and appliances, open and close all doors, windows etc….

Also home builders do not allow their construction managers to walk roofs. This can be a daunting task considering the detailed process of building a home and watching over numerous contractors who show up at various times of the day and whenever they want to.

How much is another set of eyes worth to you. Most of the time when we inspect new homes the builders are happy to see us because somebody else is going through looking at things in addition to them. With the current growth in construction and the hiring of cheaper laborers and younger home builders an independent inspection is even more important.

Note, we don’t normally call out cosmetic issues unless they are extreme i.e. holes in walls, missing brick, etc… We leave the painting and texture up to you and your builder.